Welcome to Rooted Wellness!

A tranquil and gentle space to receive treatments which are tailored around exactly what you need - mind and body. 

I have been practicing therapy for over 18 years, gradually refining my approach and methods to my treatments, while also blending and creating my own products for the best results. I love what I do, from meeting individuals, to treating, and ultimately being able to help in one or more ways. We're all different and thus we all require as unique a treatment as we are! 

I always found it very difficult to follow a set massage sequence, being taught to work from step 1 through to the last step - no deviations! And while I immensely appreciated the ground work I went through and was taught, this also paved my path for creating exceptional and unique treatments for every individual. Many of us may have sore and tense shoulders, yet the reason and root for this is very seldom the same.

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Please note, Wellness Treatments are available only to our staying guests