Shift a gear or two down, unplug from the constant demands and reconnect with the natural rhythms of nature.  

As we built and designed our cabins ourselves, we were able to choose exactly where each site would be. This allowed them to be entirely separate from each other, which thus in turn created the truly private space for our guests to be immersed in. And at times making one feel like the only people around. 

We love the idea that should you not feeling like going anywhere once you arrive - you don't have to! We have our very own magical waterfall which is easily accessible along the pathways which wind along the contours of our property. Sit and be mesmerised by the flow of water and time or take a dip. As our property has quite a steep gradient, a walk to the waterfall and back certainly gets the blood flowing. 

Bespoke private meals and tailored massage treatments are both available too. Delicious dinners made from scratch and brought to you, and a dedicated Wellness Space to allow you to unwind and relax. 

Our ultimate goal is to source as much as we can eat from our own property. And where that is not possible, then from neighbours, friends, or local farmers/growers.

We currently grow herbs, vegetables and fruit on a very small scale and enjoy the delights of harvesting a bounty one knows exactly the beginning to the end of. As we move forward with projects, an exciting seasonal grow house will allow us to plant, grow and maintain a far greater variety. 

We love to eat fresh, but thoroughly enjoy the process of preserving, pickling, drying and freezing to be able to enjoy those products and flavours of our harvests at a later date in the year.