Owner, Chef & Guitarist

I am a chef by trade and when I came to Hogsback I became a builder.  For the former I had training.  For the latter I had Youtube.  A few pros came in every now and then to make sure we were doing everything with safety in mind. 

I worked and travelled as a chef for just over 15 years until I met Dayle and we decided to do our own thing up here in the Amathole Mountains. 

I love cooking for our guests!  Catering to their every taste bud is so enjoyable on a small, intimate scale. 

I’ve always loved the idea of living in the woods and building cabins, since I was a kid.  My greatest achievement to date is still convincing my cousin to dig for ‘treasure’ in a nettle patch on an abandoned neighbouring construction site.  I thought it was funny and my sadistic humour showed promise from a young age! Some of the blogs written on this website is clearly identifiable as mine with its warped sense of humour, which I hope you will forgive if nothing else.

Jokes aside, we feel very blessed to have done this together.  Thank you for taking the time to peruse through our website!  

Dayle and I moved here to the Amathole Mountains mid 2016.  We used to come for little holidays at first.  Just like our guests now, to sit by a fire, walk in the woods, read big books and binge on movies on a laptop at the edge of the bed of a little cabin.  

We always daydreamed of doing this ourselves.  To have our own piece of land with a few cabins and take guests.  I have a great love for building and permaculture.  I’m a musician and enjoy a good meaningful conversation and a jam!   

The idea of living in tune with nature, growing some of our own food and being able to share that with others, is truly a special thing!

If you browse a little through the website you’ll find photos, blogs and a few other interesting things we like to do out here.  We will keep adding new content as time goes by. 

We look forward to having you out here!  To share it with you in the hope that you take some eco friendly ideas home with you.  To live simply, less wasteful and unplug often!

Welcome to Organic Origins!  Feel at home here!