Owner, Therapist & Tinkerer

My childhood years were spent playing in fields, barefooted most of the time. Going on quests with my BMX as my trusty steed and tending to my own little garden. Not too much has changed over the years. I still love to live in wide open spaces where I can walk (and occasionally run) freely. Plant, grow and harvest from my own garden - nothing tastes better! To observe the change in seasons, a student in mother nature's masterclass. 

I have been blessed to explore this world a little - working and traveling to Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexico. I lived in England for a time appreciating the harsh beauty of the moors. India welcomed me into her arms to study yoga, and various East African countries have been home over several years.

I am a massage therapist by trade, yet I delight in being creative and artistic. I have a passion for making things - whether it be something functional or just pleasing to the eye. The reward comes from giving something a new life, perhaps not what it was first made for - but that's all part of the bigger picture. Thinking outside the confines of what it is, to what it can be. Coffee tins become lamp shades or plant holders, glass bottles become candle holders. I can go on. There's a little piece of me who is a pure hoarder - thankfully though it doesn't just sit and gather dust!

Being able to live where we do, has given me the freedom to express many avenues of my creativity. It has come in many forms; through food, my treatments, building. To having a place which we call home, a whole new space begging for love and attention and detail. And this is just the beginning - a colourful path lies ahead!